Monday, February 17, 2014

A Little nostalgia!

I've been inventorying my locomotives and taking pictures when I was struck by the beauty of a MicroTrain's A&P reefer sitting in my Woodbury yard. I understand that A&P is still in business but they seem to have disappeared from our local scene. As a kid their food stores were all over the place. Just a short trip back in time!

Love this hobby!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Excuses for No Pictures!

Wow, it's been a while. I was out of work for 2 1/2 years so I took a 10 week tax course in the fall and got hired (almost minimum wage) by a large, very well known, tax company. Little did I realize that their main peak period was not the weeks before April 15th but rather last week in January through mid-February. We are near a large college town and those students can't wait to get their much needed refunds, so when their W2s roll in the latter part of January they rapidly appear for tax help. Same for parents with young children.

I have been dragging home exhausted, not so much by the hours, but by the mental pressure of being a first year tax associate (did I get that right?; did I find them all the money they could get?...). I was pretty much top of the class in most of my endeavors and I hate this sensation of feeling so dumb.

So no pictures. Pictures are what I like to see in blogs so I want to be taking pictures whenever possible. But the tax season is far from over.

I have also been consumed with teaching preparation. Our Calvary Chapel church has sponsored a two year Discipleship program. It is our goal to assist those who want to know more about God and provide them with a Biblical worldview. We were floored when almost 50 men and women committed to the program. And we are committed to preparing them to be a lighthouse in a lost and hostile world.  I am teaching portions of the Basic Theology class. Next up is "end times" theologies, not my area of expertise.

Also, and I know not why, but I have had a sudden run on modelers purchasing the excess model railroad cars that I have been selling off (to get funds to finish my PRSL model railroad). I can come up with no rhyme or reason that sales mystically blossomed in mid-February.

So there are my babbling excuses for no pictures. Sorry.

Just listened to the Model Railcast Podcast Show and enjoyed their guest Marty McGuirk. I also enjoyed hearing about the history of the New York shipyard (located in Camden, NJ). A local modeler, Tim Harrison, who does most of the broadcasts and has spent considerable time doing research for his HO version of the PRSL. He did a great job and the history he gave was fascinating.

So, till the end of tax season, blessings! I'll be back! (No terminator accent.)