Saturday, April 26, 2014


The PRSL Historical Society was telling stories of EL RS3s that showed up on the property in the early Conrail era and were known for starting fires. I assume they meant along the right of way.

Anyway that gave me an excuse to add some color to the PRSL. I acquired a shell and used it on a duplicate RS3 that was on my roster. Broke one of the handrails and still need to add couplers but I love having it.

Reading RS3s were frequent visitors during my early 1950s time period, so it is just a little stretch to put it on the layout.

I found an EMD SD70 in the NS heritage Erie colors on eBay from a seller with a high feedback rating at a good price with free shipping. It arrived but sounded like it was going to explode so it has to go back. The seller is offering to replace it so he will get high feedback ratings!

Meanwhile set up a quick photo shoot (with 1950s tankers) just because it was so pretty.