Sunday, June 4, 2017

Where's Waldo - a Test and a Question?

Test: In the following pictures can you find:
  • 9 fireplugs,
  • 7 Mailboxes,
  • 4 Trash Cans,
  • 3 Parking Meters, and
  • 1 smashed Telephone Booth?

Question: Why would anyone put N scale details on a layout that they cannot see (only the camera can)?
The Murphy House greasy spoon on the Brooklawn circles

The PRSL electric generating station in Westville

Pine Street in Westvile

Texaco Refinery in Westville

Texaco Refinery in Westville

Olive Street in Westvile

North Woodbury

Railroad Ave & Cooper St in Woodbury

West Barber Ave in Woodbury

Downtown Camden


Cooper St in Woodbury - my red/green color blindness prevents me my seeing the fireplug in this picture