Monday, March 27, 2017

23 More Days!

23 more days until the end of tax season and I can return to the hobby! 

I do seasonal work for a large tax preparation firm from January to April 18th. They are about 50 people short in their southern New Jersey offices and consequently we put in a lot of hours during the tax season. My health has been struggling with annoying minor issues so I am dragging myself to the finish line this year.

I did get the opportunity to attend dual meetings of the PRSL Historical Society last week. The first part was an open house at the restored PRSL Glassboro train station. I’ve included a photo from Ben Kranefeld showing its deteriorated state before the restoration began. The station was built in the 1860s and the local historians, especially Rich Drobil, can regale you with their adventures in uncovering historical treasures before the actual restoration began. There was not much left after the termites and vandals had completed their work but a faithful few returned the station to life and turned it into a worthy railroad museum.

Prior to Reconstruction - photo by Ben Kranefield

Glassboro Station March 2017

A local freight train passes Glassboro station every night around 8:00 PM - photo by Lou McCall

A painting of the Glassboro train station area in the 1890s.
Following the open house we moved to a local church basement where Steve Barry, editor of Railfan/Railroad magazine, presented a slide show of railroading in southern New Jersey.