Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hiding the Edges

When the majority of your layout consists of 18” modules, you have “Edge Problems”.

A row of bushes helped, but it needed more. The South Philly viaduct really should have a refinery scene behind it but I got tired of viewing long tracks with nothing but “sky” behind them so I added some hills/mountains by taking 1/8’ masonite, painting it dark green, and adding mixes of Woodland Scenices extra course turf, course turf, and a grass blend to it while the paint was still wet. Hairspray and addition “turfs” were added in the second phase. At least now it takes the eye somewhat away from the wall. I still need to hide the viaduct seams with some vine growth.

I repeated the process in North Woodbury and South Westville to add depth to the scenes and hide tree shadows from appearing on the walls during photography.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Another 6 Weeks and I Can Goof Off Again!

It’s tax season and I work for a large tax prep firm. Our office is 2 people short and I’ve been working more hours than I have in 5 years and I am a bit tired. I have a 3 day weekend and am enjoying it. Just 6 more weeks to go!

Went to a “train show” a few weeks back. To me it is a fraud to call something a train show and have only 2 minimal railroads set up. It was a swap meet. Why not call it that, so people know what they are going to? It is especially irritating that it was sponsored by a modular group and used their name. I expected to see their nice layout set up but nary a module. Grrrr!

On a much better note, half of my operating crew showed up and did a ton of work on the layout. Big thanks to Gene and Mario!