Sunday, May 24, 2015

Camden Control Panel

Got the last of the replacement control panels installed. 13 SPDT Ctr Off toggles.
I can now retire the soldering iron and let the burns heal!  

Friday, May 22, 2015

I've added Rix railings to the 30th street station scene (see April 30th blog entry) and added roadway striping. Unfortunately the 1/32" striping has lost some of its stickiness and will eventually need to be replaced. It's getting there slooooowly.

Op Session 3 Post Mortem

1) We had a lot of fun
2) We got to run almost the entire train schedule
3) Short sleeves definitely keep the scenery damage levels down (sorry about those scraped forearms)  :-)

Problems to fix
1) I need to solder a joint in the LX yard lead
2) I need to remove 1 balky covered hopper (too light to stay on the tracks)
3) A coupler drooped and basically fell out of one of the sharks that recently had KD's installed (a B unit also had a coupler failure prior to the beginning of the session)
4) Need to check the staging yard which is power routed via turnouts (possibly 2 were being powered at once)
5) Out of 37 cars remaining in the Pavonia side of the yard, only 1 load and 6 empties were classified onto the correct tracks at the end of the session
6) None of the yard waybills were turned
7) Two pairs of engines were left interspersed with the freight cars within the yard
8) Tim left without his homework (a tower kit to build)

1) The first positive totally outweighs all the problems
2) We are getting really good at running trains
3) We have a glaring need to review the purpose of the waybill usage (we are moving freight not just running trains)
4) We need to reduce demerits to at least only double figures!  :-)
5) In another year we should have the hang of it.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Operating Session #3

Some of my friends from and forums joined me for a 3rd operation session. The goal was to run a full day's PRSL schedule (1974 - the only one I have; trackage and target era is early 1950s). We fell just short of acheiveing that. Bob (NTrainz1) and Tim (host of manned the Camden Pavonia Yard (Brown Tower) and Gene (epumph) and I took Red Oak tower (Brooklawn, Westville, Woodbury).

All the trains leave Camden and return and get (re)classified!

1) Philly Merchandise Transfer
                                    Originates from staging
                                    Classify into appropriate trains
                                    Save engine(s) & caboose for return trip

2) WY843/842            Deepwater Coal Drag to Atlantic City Electric (Deepwater on Penns Grove branch)
                                    Originates from Philly (staging)
                                    Change engines (RDG to PRR/PRSL & Caboose RDG to PRSL and dispatch
                                    When WY842 returns: reverse engine and caboose changes & dispatch to Philly (staging)

*) Camden Local        Fit in whenever you have time
                                    Services RCA, Van Sciber, & Campbell Soup

3) WY33/34                Millville local

4) WY841/840            Deepwater local

5) WY79/80                Tank train sweeper for Texaco (Westville) and Sunoco (Paulsboro (off-line)).

6) Pavonia to Philly Merchandise transfer
                                    Use original engines(s) and caboose
                                    Forward all non-south Jersey freight and all empties not needed for tomorrow's runs

We ended with all trains run except for the Camden to Philly Merchandise transfer run. The last local (Penns Grove) had just returned to the Camden Pavonia yard but had not be broken down and classified. Mr. Tim also forgot to classify the Millville local when it returned, hence no Philly transfer. Oh well, next time!

We had a great time.
We have also started some guideline rules.
The guys will have to fill in the missing ones:

.....1) Rick is always right (he owns the railroad).
.....2) When something goes wrong, it is Tim's fault!
.....4) Tim needs to be fed regularly
.....5) If it is not working, just keep pushing buttons and throwing toggle switches
.....6) 0-5-0 moves are only for engines (and re-rails)
.....8) Just put that car over there, we'll get to it later

Bob hiding behind Tim as they attempt to get the next local out of Camden and over the road:

Bob's visiting U25B (only requires a modest 10-13 year time warp).

Gene (and Rick) had the best jobs. We had plenty of time to lean over Woodbury and harass the yard crew: "Where's our next local?!?!"

Saturday, May 9, 2015

What could have been!

The Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines in 2015?

The old real PRSL trackage has certainly seen its full share of the NS Heritage units (and UP and BNSF and old ATSF) but imagine if the PRSL were still alive today and these were its own units.

After receiving a friend's Reading SD70ACe, I couldn't resist forcing my 1950 trackage to endure yet another time warp to using today's power. Oh what could have been!