Sunday, September 10, 2017

Operations Session Script 1

The yard tends to be the first area to bottleneck during a quarterly operations session and it usually takes the operators some time to come up to speed (i.e. remembering what they are supposed to be doing) so I figured I would jump start the process and script the first moves for this month’s session.

The spreadsheet’s summary looks like gobbledygook, so I’ve added pictures to illustrate the moves. The process takes 2 yard operating in concert to be efficient.

The first yard operator (Op1) positions  yard switcher (SW1) on the inbound/outbound yard lead (I/O) into the yard and then retrieves the Philadelphia Transfer Freight (loads and needed empties from Philly to Camden, NJ) from staging and crosses over from the second main to the first main.

The second yard operator (Op2) takes another yard switcher (SW2) and retrieves the cars going back to Philly from yard track 5 and pulls them out to yard lead 1.

Op1 drops the cabin and separates from the inbound train, proceeds over the crossover from mainline 1 (ML1) to mainline 2 (ML2), reverses direction and positions itself on ML2 just beyond its cabin (still on ML1).

Op2/SW2 has now shoved the Philly outbound cars to SW1 on the I/O lead, separates and backs away

Op1/SW1 pulls the outbound cars from the I/O lead across to ML2, reverses direction and pushes them to the Philly engine.

Op1/SW1 reverses and goes to ML1 to retrieve the inbound cars, couples, reverses past inbound yard lead switch. Reverses and shoves the cars to Op2/SW2 on the I/O lead.

Op1/SW1 goes back to ML1 to retrieve PRR cabin and places it on the end of the outbound Philly Transfer which then heads into staging.

Meanwhile Op2/SW2 takes the inbound cars and begins blocking them into locals
The 5th & 6th cars need to be blocked into the Deepwater local (WY841) on yard track 3.
Add a cabin and move the train to the I/O lead.

Op1/SW1 places the WY841 on ML2.
Engines are added, the train dispatched, and Red oak tower notified.

While Op2/SW2 blocks the other locals .

The last car is blocked into the Salem local (WY51).

Meanwhile Op1 has retrieved the Deepwater Coal drag from staging (Reading RR engines and caboose) and dispatched it past the Pavonia yard contacting Red Oak tower for handoff.

Op2/SW2 pulls the WY842 hopper empties from yard track 7 and moves them to the I/O lead preparing to turn the WY843/WY842 coal drag on the Deepwater end. Switching the loads for empties is a similar process to the Philly transfer operations.

Now the "only things left" to handle are the next 4 turns (Millville Sand Hog (WY33/34), Millville local (WY27/26), Salem local (WY51/50), and the Tank Sweeper (WY79/80). Listen to the dispatcher!. 😉

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